The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) has had a long and successful history in West Michigan. From its founding on June 19, 1902, IBEW Local 275 has been a leader in the electrical construction, broadcasting, manufacturing and service industries. This leadership has been focused on training, representation and political influence to benefit our members and the working people of West Michigan.


Originally, IBEW Local 275, chartered in Muskegon, was centered around Muskegon County and North. Its sister local, IBEW Local 107, was chartered in Grand Rapids in 1914 and extended North and West to Ottawa County. On July 1, 1996 these two locals merged together, recognizing the interconnected economies of our West Michigan region. This has allowed both our members and employers the opportunity to be more competitive, standardize training and make operational efficiencies for the local union to ensure another 100 years in West Michigan.

The members of IBEW Local 275 work in all sectors of the economy. We work together, collectively, to increase and improve wages, working conditions, safety, retirement and our communities. We volunteer throughout the area on projects from Habitat for Humanity houses, to food drives, to ringing the Salvation Army Bell for donations. We are your friends, neighbors, coworkers and fellow hard working Michiganders.


We believe that just as businesses organize themselves for the purpose of profit, workers must organize their labor for the purpose of negotiating the best wages, conditions, benefits and job security. After all, we are selling our labor! Without collective effort, the results are poor for working people, as history and our current state of working class economics proves.


As a democratic institution, the members of IBEW Local 275 elect their representatives, establish the union's bylaws, negotiate and vote on contracts and participate in all aspects of the local union.

IBEW Local 275

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